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August 2, 2020 Sermon: Fear Nothing God Is With You   There are so many things in life that can cause us trouble, especially during this present time. But we have to remember that as we walk with out ...
August 2, 2020
July 19, 2020 Sermon: Filled With Hope As we live, there are times we lose hope because of what’s around us. We start to see things in a negative way, all hope is lost! But as we stay close to Jesus, ...
July 19, 2020
July 12, 2020 Sermon: What's The Condition Of Your Heart God’s Word blesses us and as we focus on it we learn how we can live as His people. But there are times we hear the Word and live it, but there...
July 12, 2020
July 5, 2020 Sermon: Freedom In Christ Join us this festival weekend as we reflect on our nation and the blessings God has given us.
July 5, 2020
June 28, 2020 Sermon: Carry Your Cross and Follow Jesus asks us to carry our cross and follow Him. Is carrying our cross easy? Probably not, but that's what Jesus asks us to do. So carry your cross an...
June 28, 2020
June 21, 2020 Sermon: Relentless Grace We are continually faced with decisions on who we will follow. Our God loves us and He wants us to follow Him. Because we fail as sinners, God wants to deliver u...
June 21, 2020
June 14, 2020 Sermon: All About Love Love! God is so good and has loved us from the beginning of time. As we live each day, He calls us to love like He loves. But love is more than just thing about it...
June 14, 2020
June 6, 2020 Sermon: Trinity Three In One On this day as we look at the world and everything around us we take moment to talk about our God. Triune. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
June 7, 2020
May 31, 2020 Sermon: Filled And Ready On that first Pentecost the Holy Spirit changed the disciples and now can change us.
May 31, 2020
May 24, 2020 Sermon: Humble Yourself! Trust Him! We're living in such a difficult time. We're not happy because of all the rules and regulations. It seems as though we're losing. But there's more to l...
May 24, 2020

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